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Participating hospitals

The German Arthroplasty Registry (EPRD) publishes hospitals "participating" in EPRD here. “Participating” means that these hospitals have not only registered with the EPRD for participation, but regularly supply data and the numbers supplied have been checked and confirmed by EPRD.

The basis for publication is a voluntary application from a hospital. After submission a quarterly comparison is performed between the number of implant surgeries transmitted by a hospital to EPRD ("actual") and the number of surgeries of the same hospital billed to the health insurance companies of AOK-Bundesverband and vdek ("target"). Besides all of the health insurance companies of the AOK-Bundesverband, all of the six insurance companies of vdek are currently participating in EPRD (which are Techniker Krankenkasse, BARMER GEK, DAK-Gesundheit, KKH Kaufmännische Krankenkasse, HEK - Hanseatische Krankenkasse, and Handelskrankenkasse (hkk)). If the hospital has passed the comparison check, it is publicly presented as a “EPRD participant”.

Participation in EPRD is voluntary for patients and hospitals. You can check here whether your hospital is participating in EPRD. Search is possible by hospital name, Federal state, city or postcode to find participating hospitals. These entries are updated on a quarterly basis, since the underlying check is carried out on a quarterly basis. The last update has been from February, 6th, 2020.